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Help! What do I do?

My child has been labeled . . .

• Sensory Processing Disorder
• Slow Learner
• Developmental Delayed
• Asperger or a host of other labels

  My child . . .

• Struggles with school work
• Displays inappropriate behaviors

For more information on what to be on the lookout for, visit our "Be Alert" and "Symptoms" pages.

What is Perceptual-Motor Development?

It is the way a person takes in information through their senses, interprets that information and responds in an appropriate and timely manner. For more information, visit our "PMD" and "What Is PMD?" pages.


How do I get the assessment done?

Contact Linda Thompson to schedule an assessment: Call 602.843.8485 or 602.501.5784 (cell), or email her at improvelearningskills@cox.net.


What if the assessment shows that my child has PMD issues?

Linda provides training for parents to do interactive PMD exercises with their children, and she meets with the family monthly to do follow-up checks.


Who is Linda Thompson?

She is a Perception Motor Consultant, and a mother of two children who had Perceptual-Motor deficits. She is a former preschool teacher with a degree in Early Childhood Education, Certified Personal Trainer, Developmental Disabilities Specialist, and a Perceptual-Motor Trainer. She has over twenty years of experience working with families who struggle with PMD issues. She currently works in association with Dr. Dale Hansen, Ph.D., D.M., who is a Marriage and Family Therapist. Read more about Linda on the "About Linda" page. Read what others have said about how this perceptual-motor program has changed their lives on the "Testimonials" page.


Contact Info: Linda Thompson
Phone: 602-843-8485
Cell: 602-501-5784

Linda Thompson • 602.843.8485 • ImproveLearningSkills@cox.net